Benseron was founded in 2004 by Onur Haytac, a young student at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Fla. The entrepreneur parlayed a late-night computer fix for a Subway franchisee into a thriving global business.

Today, Benseron provides point-of-sales systems, payment technologies, online ordering and related merchant services such as loyalty programs and credit-card processing to more than 10,000 restaurants and retail stores to help them be more profitable.

Headquartered in Naples, Fla., with offices in Chennai, India, Benseron employs more than 110 people who design groundbreaking software and provide customer service to a rapidly growing retail market throughout the world.

Most recently, Benseron became the first in its industry to develop a cloud-based point-of-sale system using Apple iPads. Called Linga POS, the service lets restaurateurs and shopkeepers make sales even if there’s a power outage because the devices can communicate with each other without internet connection. In addition, Linga POS can control the security cameras, thermostats and door locks of business owners’ premises using Google Nest. This service allows users to control these devices remotely.

Benseron also continues to upgrade its existing products, including the tenth version of Bevo POS, its powerful point-of-sale system that includes the hardware. In addition, Benseron created a powerful online ordering system that can be used with any computer, tablet or mobile phone.