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Food Network reported that millennials spend an average of $174 monthly - $21 more than non-millennials - on dining out. Restaurateurs who know how to make this group happy will likely have a bright future.

5 things millennials look for in their dining experience

Millennials, those who are between the age of 20 and 35, are different from the previous generations in almost every way. They have different purchasing habits, they've grown up with different media and they are reaching an age where they have more disposable income. Restaurant owners love this spirited age group because they eat out more than other age groups. In fact, Food Network reported that millennials spend an average of $174 monthly – $21 more than non-millennials – on dining out. Restaurateurs who know how to make this group happy will likely have a bright future.

1. Millennials expect ambience and atmosphere.
For millennials, dining out is a social activity. This generation of restaurant-goers wants to be able to sit and enjoy their time in a place. Owners should strive to make their restaurants places where those in the 20 to 35 age group will come to spend time and enjoy themselves while eating a quality meal with friends. Point of sale systems that allow each table to have mobile kiosks with games, trivia and other activities are going to bring in more millennial diners. 

2. Fast casual is a millennial's favorite restaurant. 
Unlike the previous generations whose favorite restaurants were casual chains, millennial diners prefer fast casual, according to Business Insider. That means these individuals expect good quality food at affordable prices and served in a short amount of time. Chains like Panera have great success with making the millennial diner happy. Restaurant owners who use a point of sale system that allows them to keep up with these fast-minded customers will fare better than those that don't. 

"Millennials dine out nearly 20 percent more than other generations."

3. Millennials prefer restaurants with an online presence. 
This highly technological generation expects reputable businesses to have an online presence. Millennials are more likely to dine at a place with a user-friendly website, and a mobile app, as reported by Media Caddy. A point of sale system that has website building and app developing capabilities is going to be hugely beneficial to restaurants owners looking to attract this chunk of the market.

4. Overly attentive wait staff is not a benefit for millennials.
In fact, this age group prefers to be left alone when dining. They would much rather order from a kiosk on the table than have their conversation interrupted. These new but up-and-coming point of sale systems allow this self-reliant group to close their bill on their time, rather than wait.  Survey’s have shown that 27% would prefer to not have a tip-for-service experience at all.

5. Millennials want to control the menu options.
The Food Service Magazine Reported that 21 percent of millennials stated that they were more likely to visit a restaurant if it allowed them to create their own meal. Restaurant owners who use the right point of sale system could establish a menu with sections of customizable meal options to satisfy these choosy individuals. 

While a point of sale system seems like the unlikely hero for restaurants in the millennial dining age, a good POS system will allow restaurant owners to tailor their businesses to meet the demands of this market segment.