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Successful Happy Hour

How to Have a Successful Happy Hour

It’s pretty well-known that offering traditional happy hours are a great way to bring in more customers and increase sales. Happy hours are also a great way to increase customer retention. Creating special events during low traffic customer times is a strategy that many restaurant operators use to build their business. Happy hours are one of the easiest events a restaurateur can put on. People come running for discounts, and if it allows them to overindulge for one afternoon or nighttime for a cheaper cost, why would they not come back? Good food, good drinks, and good company are always at the top of people’s lists when they have had a long day or week. Happy hours can be implemented before or after any meal at your restaurant. However, people typically do them before or after dinner with the goal of having people stay through dinner or into the night to order off of their full priced menu. But what will make people want to pick your restaurant over your competition? How will you get the word out? What will make your event special? Read on for 6 tips on how to have a successful happy hour at your restaurant. Continue Reading…